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Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Atlanta

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Atlanta - Everything You Need to Know Before Travelling into ATL.

Frequent travellers are fully aware of the level of anxiety some airports could cause, regardless of their standard and elegance. If passengers do not know their way around an airport, they could lose their precious time locating some of the most basic facilities. Airports around the world are built on the same basic infrastructure; however, every airport has its own way to tackle the incoming passengers, in terms of amenities available on site.

Ten miles from the city of Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is considered as the busiest airport in the world since 1998, providing transport to millions while keeping the high standards of aviation regulations. Connected with Atlanta city through road and rail system, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport has two terminals North and South, along with seven concourses which extend from the main building. The terminal building (main building), MARTA station and all seven concourses are very well-connected thorough an underground Transportation Mall, and passes through the centre of all concourses. Following is the list of a wide range of facilities available for the passengers along with some key things to remember before you land in Atlanta.

Exquisite and Highly-rated Restaurants

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson has some of country’s finest food outlets available for passengers to enjoy a quality meal. ATL’s most tasty spots, reviewed by the visitors as best, include Nature’s Table (Con E), Sweet Georgia’s Juke point (Con D), and Cafe Intermezzo (Con B). There are a number of fast food joints for a rather quick meal; Chick-Fil-A and Krystal Hamburger located in Concourse A receive the highest ratings by the passengers. The quality of food provided to passengers is vigorously regulated and every effort needed is made by the ATL officials to provide passengers good quality food.

Last Minute Gate Changes

Due to the sheer number of flights and passengers flying in for connecting flights, the airport staffs has to sometime make the last minute gate changes to accommodate the influx. Always make full use of the in-flight Wifi (most airlines let you connect to their website without any extra charges) and double check the flight status of your connection along with the correct Gate number. This might sound a minor factor, however getting the wrong gate number or flight time for that matter, could potentially cause considerable delays to your connection. There are a number of screens mounted around airport with constantly updating the flight status; information check points also update passengers about their connection flights.

Business Class Lounges

For its business class travellers, ATL hosts some of the most remarkable waiting lounges. Travellers cite Delta Sky Clubs on Concourse A as the best business class Lounge while AA Admiral Clubs on Concourse T is second best choice for business class passengers. ATL is constantly striving to provide its users state-of-the-art amenities; always look out for new facilities built into an already exquisite line-up of the best services provide by Airport’s administration. All business class lounges are located within easy access to airports’ onsite facilities including the Mall and restaurants.  

For Peace of Mind Use Minute Suites

This remarkable feature gives ATL its most prestigious place for passenger comfort and onsite well being. For those passengers who need to wait long hours at the airport for their connecting flights, and need to do it in a quiet and peaceful manner, ATL provides a unique service called Minute Suites. These Suites are essentially your own temporary room with all the ingredients of your own bedroom. Equipped with daybed Sofa, LCD HDTV, a reading desk, and personal phone, these suites provide a perfect ‘peace of mind’ for a fairly reasonable price. Passengers making use of ATL’s Minute Suites are adequately informed ahead of their connecting flights by the airport staff in order to avoid any inconvenience and delays. A number of domestic and international airports have also adopted this concept introduced by ATL.

Quick Connect to Downtown Atlanta

For those passengers who are travelling into Atlanta city, MARTA is the best option. Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) can take you to the heart of the city in about 20 minutes with a fraction of what a taxi ride could cost you; $50 or $60 in the same amount of time. The location of MARTA makes is easily accessible; the station is literally attached to the airport right off the baggage conveyors.

Security Lines at ATL

Despite being highly professional and adequately trained on the job, the security checking team at ATL has to adequately check scores of people on daily basis. Most of the times, the security lines are well organized and waiting time doesn’t reach the uncomfortable level. However, during busy times security lines could drag a bit stretching the waiting time to as high as 30 minutes. ATL security system is mainly split into three security sections; Main Check point, South and North Check point. According to independent reviews submitted by the frequent travellers through ATL, the south check point is the quickest way out, with an approximately 25% faster release time then other security points. ATL security system is one of the most efficient and is operated by keeping passengers’ comfort right next to the adequate security checks.

Airlines according to Concourses and Gates

Following is the latest up to date list of various flights and concourses they operate through.

American, United and Delta – Concourse T-  17 Operating Gates (T1-T17)

Delta – Concourse A- 29 Gates (A1-7, A9-12, A15-21, A24-34)

Delta –Concourse B -32 Gates (B1-7, B9-14, B16-19, B31-34, B36)

Delta and Southwest –Concourse C – 48 Gates (C1-22, C30-53, C55, C57)

American, Delta, Alaska, Spirit and Frontier – Concourse D – 43 Gates (D1- D1A, D2-8, D8A, D9-11, D11A, D12-16, D21-42, D44-46).

Delta, Virgin Atlantic, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Korean Air, KLM, British Airways and Air France – Concourse E – 28 Gates (E1-12, E14-18, E26-36). There are also three stands on this concourse (6NA-6NC).

Delta, Virgin Atlantic, Turkish Airways, Southwest, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Korean Air, KLM, British Airways, Air France, and Air Canada – Concourse F -12 Gates (F1-10, F12, F13, F14)